Acacia Farnesiana Extract (INCI)


Rating: BAD

This extract is derived from the flowers and stems of the Acacia plant. This tree is also known as Vachellia farnesianas.
Acacia farnesiana extract for skin is a plant-based ingredient that doesn’t do much for the skin. It provides a nice smell, which is why it is sometimes used in skin care and cosmetics products.

What are Acacia farnesiana extract effects?

There is no research showing it to have any benefit for skin. It’s commonly added to cosmetics for fragrance and also considered an astringent. Fragrance again is not needed for products such as deodorant, moisturizer, or masks. Products do not need it unless they are specifically designed with fragrance in mind. Since there is always an inherent risk of causing irritation or an allergy with any ingredient, the risk of this happening after using acacia farnesiana extract is low but still a possibility. This ingredient is not beneficial to the skin and that’s why we giving it a “bad” rating. It’s not likely to harm you but also isn’t likely to help your skin either.

What is Acacia farnesiana used for?

While it’s considered a safe ingredient, it doesn’t provide any notable benefits.

Is it vegan?

Acacia farnesiana is both vegan and cruelty free. Assuming no non-vegan processes are used when the plant extract is derived. Avoid any products that have animal-derived ingredients in them. Always check the full ingredient list.

Is Acacia farnesiana extract safe?

Limited research has found that this extract had no short-term or acute toxicity, although more research is needed to validate. Although not deemed unsafe, it may not be necessary given the limited benefits and more widely researched alternative ingredients. Ingredients that aren’t necessary for the product to function should be excluded. Added ingredients for fragrance increases the risk of irritation or sensitivity to the skin. Would you rather have a product that smells nice or a healthy, happy skin? We think you’ll appreciate a no added fragrance recipe.

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