easy skincare and why don't men care

6 Reasons Explained Why Don’t Men Care

Easy Skincare Why Don't Men Care

Be a man, be dirty.

Easy skincare for men seems impossible. You need to answer those female friends of yours why you are proud of your hygienic crudeness. But then, why don’t men care? To start with, men are not designed in almost any way as the opposite gender. While women are more inclined toward self-maintenance, men find themselves responsible for far more important things than that.
Oh no! Have I provoked any feminists here (wink)?

Ruled The Earth

You may or may not agree with me. But what actually goes into strengthening my point of view is the historical background that determines men’s behavioral aspects. Yes, that’s true! Through the ages, men have fought in battles, ruled the Earth, and have somehow developed a raw sense of carelessness regarding their personal beauty. This makes them proudly bawdy. Anything that they think makes them any sexier is long stretching scars and sweat running down their hairy chests.

Role Of Nature

You cannot blame men on this altogether, Nature has a big role to play in that too. Men and women are like North and South poles that attract one another while being totally opposite to each other. Psychologically, what suits women don’t usually go well with men. While you love your girlfriend for being cute and fragile, ask her if she likes you for the same reasons.

easy skincare and why don't men care

How The Skin Itself Favors Men’s Carelessness

There is still an intriguing fact why don’t men care that much about their skin let alone a easy skincare routine. The skin itself! Shocking, huh? Men have really thick skin around 25% thicker than women. More like tank coating to imprison the burden of responsibilities they have to shoulder or maybe to eat around and do nothing. My point is, nature has designed the psyche and nature of their skin for a certain reason and that is why caring for the beauty is left out of their concern.

The Guy’s Laziness

Enough with the facts why don’t men care. Now let’s drive a little closer to why men really enjoy being dirty. Some say men are far lazier than their female counterparts are. You tell me if that’s not true. All eyes here feminists! Females are studied to be faster and more productive than men are.

Staying active all the time and not having fun out of carelessness is not a way you would see a man work. And that drives through his psyche and hence throughout his lifestyle. It’s therefore as well the easy skincare routine for men that seems impossible.

Hence.. “Skincare routines? Not what I am interested in!

Love Of Money Takes Over

Even if you drive some sense in their minds for self-maintenance, there is still a long way to convince a man into using products for achieving that delicate skin. Most of you are familiar with how a single feminizing session demands your kidneys to be sold to fill in the bill. Everyone loves money and probably men love the cash more than anyone does. So, good luck with convincing them to empty their pockets into something they don’t find any interest in.

Chances Of Product Failure

And after spending their hard-earned money, there is still a chance a lengthy skincare routine will fail miserably. You either must have experienced easy skincare to be impossible or having seen people falling victim to fake skincare products. While on one hand, there is a danger of losing money, there is a far greater threat posed by the kind of materials any product may contain. Having known such things is what further enforces the mindset of men regarding skincare.

On the other hand, women are more critical regarding their hygiene, generally because they are taught to live that way. You might have noticed your mother advising your sister about her skin. The feminine group competes in attaining delicacy and fairer skin. And the men who try that will catch mockery and words like “grow a pair”.

That said, personal hygiene and skin care should not be deemed as a negligible matter. Especially, as the pollution and smoke have found their way to every soul on the planet, regularly washing off is somehow, necessary. But this does not mean that men would start caring about their skin naturally like women. They need to go out of their regular lifestyles to get themselves cleaned every now and then. Understand men if you want to live with them because they probably won’t care (wink)!

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