Boy plays with earbud in ear of his dad

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Him

What is the 7 gift rule?

See, that is actually what people nowadays ask themselves (and Google), since truly such rules have been defined. By whom, you may ask. I’ve no clue. I tried to get the concept, but it confused me rather. It’s something along the lines of – a rule for those who have the compulsion to buy every! single! gift! they! can! get!
Now, that’s not what brought you and I here today. Maybe they simply didn’t have a gift guide for him or her on hand either.

Lets see, without such a thoughtful gift guide for him, how many times have you given yourself a headache when you had to decide what gift to choose for a picky dude? You may have known each other since the birth of time. Still, when it comes to getting him something for a special occasion, things are cloudier and rainier than monsoon season in Costa Rica (and being in Costa Rica during monsoon season is no joke with up to 300 inches of rainfall per year)! Hopefully, though, after reading this concise gift guide for him, you will be able to walk into a physical or online store and know the best gift ideas for boyfriend or that wonderful but difficult-to-please man in your life!

Boy plays with earbud in ear of his dad

The buzz word and the key word

Sure, you feel sick and tired of hearing all about choosing something “practical”. Even remembering that from generic gift guides for him or her. Now, what the heck is practical, after all? Probably one of the dullest-sounding words out there. No wonder you have been giving your Uncle Jim the same DIY gift card year in year out for the past seven years – you simply have no clue what the hell he would like. Now, if you replace “practical” with “useful”, things start to clear a bit, don’t they?

What are cool gifts for guys? – The don’ts

At the end of the day, finding the perfect (useful) gift for him requires some thought. Take some time to consider what that person will actually use. Think of all the stuff you have received from an office Christmas party and leave everything on that list out. Between idiotic mugs featuring pitchy quotes and head massagers, you will probably not find a single thing worth keeping. Chances are you have them all stashed in a box, with a “Gifts to Gift” label on it. Now you got an idea of what gifts are NOT useful. Things like picture frames, generic booze, and candles also fall under the same category – who needs them or hasn’t bought them already? You may think that they are useful. But, really, now. How much thought have you put into it? Do they even match his (the receiver’s) preferences or likes? Nah. So, they are pretty worthless.

The do’s when choosing a useful gift for your special man

Is your buddy always complaining about his phone being low on juice? A useful gift could be a portable charger. Is he a tech geek? Simple things like Bluetooth speakers, wireless earbuds, or a cool gadget are also good options that will most likely not end up in the trash (or regifting) bin.
Is your uncle a DIY enthusiast? Why not get him a multitool to do his thing in the house? Does he fancy cooking? Perhaps a new cutting board with his face printed on it will come in handy. All these show that you, indeed, gave a crap about what you were getting them. This is much more appreciated than getting him whatever you found in your dusty basement and calling it a gift.

Gift Guide For Him With Ultimate Face Cream By All You Neat. Skin Care For Men

Gift guide for him to get you going

For those men closer to you, such as your dad, you can go for practicality (erm, usefulness) and spruce it up with some personality. So, if his fav drill broke down, wouldn’t it be cool to get him a nice new one? You can personalize this, admittedly, useful gift by adding a handbook with some DIY tasks he can easily pull through around the house, and he will love you forever!
And, remember. Most of the time, young gents are the perfect recipients of useful gifts, especially if they are just starting out. In this case, gifts like home tools, kitchenware, and stuff like a nice shaving kit will probably get you a long way. What’s with luxury gifts for men or even gifts for the impossible man you may ask. Well, something around a premium skin care just for him could be the perfect fit. You know he needs it, he will know after using it, and he will be feeling the difference such a product can make even to his manly face. After all, the whole point in giving a gift to your loved male is to get him something he will actually use.

When NOT to go with “useful”!

Under some circumstances, considering a useful gift may not be such a good idea. If, for example, you buy a vacuum cleaner for your significant other, as a gift, and he was expecting more from you, this could be a reason for divorce! Just joking here, of course. You will figure it out yourself, based on the type of your relationship, whether you can choose something that useful for your partner or not.

Next time you need to come up with unusual gifts for him that will put you on a pedestal, you now know how to make it happen! Right?