Organic Beauty Products – What’s The Deal

6 Ways For You To Check If It’s Clean

By now, you’ve seen and heard the words ‘organic beauty products’ a million times and everywhere you look, you’re faced with messages promoting sustainability and a cleaner future. It’s a lot, we get it. But it’s also necessary. In recent years, we’ve seen an evolution of more conscious consumers, and brands have had to conform – and with good reason! For too long have the cosmetics industry ignored major environmental issues. But luckily, now that we’re all more educated, we know what to leave out and what to keep when we create our products.

Organic beauty products – you choose

But before we revel the revolution, we have to say this: No matter how much we try to be eco-friendly and root for sustainable and organic beauty products, change starts with you, the loyal buyer. Our efforts mean nothing if consumers aren’t buying the right things. So, now we ask: How clean is your skincare routine?

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All You Neat. Explores Successfully How Important Ingredients And Packaging Are For Organic Beauty Products For Men.

It’s all about green beauty, inside and out

If you’re still not checking the outsides of your bottles and tubes, it’s time to make a change. Here’s what to look out for when choosing sustainable beauty brands:

Does it contain only the good stuff?

Organic oils

Plants can’t harm you, right? But PEGs or polyethylene glycols can, because it is a known human carcinogen – nasty! So, say goodbye to PEGs and hello to natural oils. Always look for the good stuff in your bottles, specifically organic oils, such as olive, jojoba oil, or almond oil.

Natural colors and fragrances

If you don’t know that artificial colorants and fragrances are harmful to yourself and the earth, we’re so glad you’re reading this! It’s time to make a change. Artificial colorants and fragrances may cause sensitivity and irritation to the skin, so opt for organic color dyes such as beetroot and carrot root, as well as natural fragrances in your organic cosmetics.

Green preservatives

If you see the word ‘parabens‘, run! Rather keep it on the shelf for longer with organic preservatives such as vitamin E, coconut oil and rosemary extract.

How green is the packaging?

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of focus on non-toxic ingredients and the issue of eco-friendly packaging has not quite enjoyed as much attention. The biggest current concern is that packaging such as tubes and boxes end up as landfill waste in massive amounts. Beauty products are typically fragile, and this is one of the reasons why the industry has found eco-friendly packaging challenging. Luckily, with more information available today, we have found ways to protect products and to store it safely to prolong shelf life. So, what are these magical packaging solutions we talk about?

Refill system

If it’s not already, you should make refill your new best friend. Some skin care products already feature a refill system. Like bottles with airless dispensers that come with exchangeable cartridges. If a product is empty, a refill version can simply be purchased and replaced – using the original shell. How cool is that?

Recycled cardboard and paper

Online shopping is big, so naturally, it requires a big solution. Recycled cardboard is the answer. If you order your sustainable beauty goodies online, make sure it arrives in the right box.

Help us to turn the world a healthy, leafy green by buying only the good stuff. C’mon, start choosing sustainable beauty products!

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