Sometimes I felt stupid too.
At least kinda shallow, in my approach to keep
a good-looking skin.

Piece by piece I am removing them from my
hand luggage and placing them on that conveyor belt.
Ready for scrutiny by the security agent and my fellow travelers alike.

Toner, cleanser, moisturizer, serum and eye cream.
Sometimes even packed down to tiny travel size bottles.
As if I’m flying out to visit the 7 dwarfs.

Everyone might have expected me to be accompanied by a girl,
seeing all of that. But no, those were now my routines.

It sucked. Balls.

But I was 40 now


And couldn’t lie about it as easily anymore.

Proper skin care is certainly not easy. Even more so for men. It’s especially not the first thing on your mind when you live all across the world – in Europe, Middle East, Asia and many years deep in the heartland of Africa.

However, I returned with an abundance of knowledge. Valuable pieces of information in the way those indigenous folks I was living with in central Africa were exclusively using fruits and plants to treat their skin. How they combined them in creation of an ancient treatment that was giving their strained skin all it needed.

Myriads of products and routines
And then again, facing this myriad of skin care products and their suggested care routines available across the Eastern and Western world, I was feeling overwhelmed.
There must be another way for us men.
And so the idea and desire to creation of the Ultimate Face Cream for men was born.

Having a straightforward yet rich skin care, that you trust anywhere you are. One that uses the newest technology to replicate what I’d been able to study in nature. How to combine the properties of several valuable ingredients to create one single highly potent product.
Therefore, once you move, all of your skin care moves with you. Preferably in just one bottle that keeps it handy to apply anytime it suits you best.

And – that one bottle is everything you need
Once I returned to Germany, I teamed up with GERMANBEAUTYLAB in Berlin. To develop that particular skin care product, ALL YOU NEAT. – one that fits a lifestyle concentrated on living. A powerful but easy to use face cream for us, men.
The rest is history.

Times change, but we believe in tradition and love of detail – and therefore manufacture uncompromisingly in Germany. The basis for creating unconventional and highly contemporary luxury. For those who allow themselves the pleasures of life and want the best. Always.

We do not know where you live, but a bottle of ALL YOU NEAT. Ultimate Face Cream can travel wherever you are. And, if there is a man around with a real good looking skin, then it’s either the congenial adventurer from our origin story or a guy who is smart enough to use ALL YOU NEAT. already.


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