Parabens and it's inglorious side effects

#3 shocking truth about parabens the industry is hiding

Parabens, the dirty ingredient in all its undesirable glory

Do we really want to have parabens – and any of its chemical family members – inside our skin and bodies? We don’t think so.

The beauty industry has way too many secrets – and more often than not, they aren’t foxy. Despite our best efforts to know exactly what we put in our faces, bodies, and skin, navigating the beauty counter, reading through an ingredient list and analyzing whether an appealing product is toxic or not can be exhausting.
Especially for a guy.

There are a number of dirty ingredients that are hiding behind fancy names (and most of the time, extremely hard to pronounce too). So, we thought we’d school you in and discuss the top ingredients to avoid in our skincare routines.

Today, we’d talk dirty to you about parabens to get us in the mood – for some in-depth skincare discussion, that is.

Let us walk you through its meaning, and three of the top reasons why this substance is toxic and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

What in the world are parabens?

Along with its chemical family of methylparabens, propylparabens, butylparabens, and ethyparabens, they are used by skincare brands and companies to prolong a product’s shelf life. They also assist in keeping the growth of bacteria and mold in products at bay, which helps in preserving their freshness. Sounds good, right?


At first glance, it looks tempting. But as you dig deeper, you’ll discover a lot of nasty data about it. A number of scientific papers and health-conscious websites have produced a list of harmful substances that are commonly-found in cosmetics and skincare products. Paraben is always in it. All. The. Time.

Why? Because of its dangerous side effects like the ones below. Read on.

Parabens and it's inglorious side effects
Photo by Artem Podrez

Parabens pretend to be an estrogen, therefore disrupt our hormones

Believe us, faking isn’t something we appreciate. And we love disruption, but not when it’s linked to our health – most especially, our hormones.

Parabens imitate estrogen, the female primary sex hormone. Which handles the development of the female reproductive system. There have been reports that men, who use cosmetic products containing this nasty substance in them, develop man boobs. What? Excuse me, most of us don’t want that.

Other cases are the onset of adult acne and modified thyroid hormone levels, causing serious health issues.

Parabens are linked to breast cancer

Although there’s no certainty that parabens cause cancer, 5 different types of it were found in breast tumor tissue samples. Scientific research has established that this synthetic chemical can enter the bloodstream through our skin. And once it’s inside us, it can charge the growth of cancer cells.

Parabens can cause allergic reactions

Not only do parabens cause significant health issues. It can jumpstart skin inflammation and lead to the birth of psoriasis, eczema, or contact dermatitis too.

All we know is we buy skincare products to help us achieve good skin and prevent the onset of premature aging. Developing skin allergies and conditions as such is something we didn’t sign up for.

To wrap it up

There should only be one thing that’s complex in our lives – women. Skincare should be simple, straightforward, and safe. But this isn’t the case.

Especially in products containing parabens.

To be sure, stick to uncomplicated items with ingredients a layman can comprehend. Make sure you check if paraben is one of them. And if you happen to see it, toss the product out. Believe us, it’s not worth it.

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