Image shows custom shell with white cartridge. Cartridge is not included.

Custom Bottle Shell

Shell Miami Blue

Limited edition bottle shell for the Ultimate Face Cream

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An exclusive gift for men.
Vintage colors, each of a limited ‘decade edition’, painted on bottle shells of the finest aluminum.

VINTAGE YEAR 2013 of the most famous German sports car. Very few beautiful Miami Blue Porsche were made. However, we’ve brought the history back so you can have your own piece of motor-sport memories in your hands. Or as a exclusive gift for your best friends.



  • Insert or replace cartridge
    Simply slide the cartridge gently but firmly into the empty shell. To open and close the pump, twist the bottle shell between upper and lower part (a bit like a lipstick). Please avoid pressing the aluminum shell between your fingers too much while twisting. You might be stronger than you think.
    To replace a cartridge, twist the bottle shell open and pull out the cartridge by holding the pump with your fingers.

    Our suggestion
    This Miami Blue limited edition looks best when matched with a white refill, filled to the brim with the tried and true Ultimate Face Cream. One cream, instead of an elaborate routine. Made in Germany.

  • Recycling
    Please remember, while these bottle shells are made especially beautifully to stay with you for very long, your empty cartridge you can send always back to us (for proper recycling).
    We thank you for your effort to reduce waste  – with giving you 20% off of your next purchase. (Read here how.)
    Even better – we will do that any time you return your empty cartridges to us.

    For this shell you need a refill cartridge of ALL YOU NEAT.’s Ultimate Face Cream.
    The unique cream has the power of ingredient science and potent plant extracts combined. Like a protective shield, it protects your skin day and night against negative influences from the outside. The highly potent skin care reduces precisely the oxidative stress responsible for skin aging. It makes it the ultimate anti aging cream for men.

    Tried and true. The one in all situations.
    It is the best face cream for every day and night. Think serum, moisturizer and eye cream, in one bottle. The perfect gift for men.

  • Free shipping
    Today and on every future shipment.

    Limited edition
    We guarantee the exclusivity of these aluminum shells with special Miami Blue lacquer.

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