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Why A Skin Bleaching Job Might Turn You Dark

3 ways to escape the fate of a personal dark mode

When caring for one’s skin, choosing the right skincare products containing harmless ingredients is quite important. Not to mention if you’re planning on bleaching the hell out of your skin with something called hydroquinone.
However, before we dwell on some special skin brightening ingredients, lets have a brief talk on “Human Skin”.

Human Skin

Known as the largest organ of the human body, human skin acts as a protective barrier against chemicals, radiation, variation in temperature and micro-organism. Furthermore does skin play an important immunity role in protecting the body against pathogens, excessive loss of water and other harmful substances. Also, the human skin is known to be waterproof and that while even the softness of the skin varies.
That is quite a lot to deal with. Sounds more like a magic coat.

Ahh, and the skin primarily contains three layers:
the epidermis, and two more that you hopefully never have to see.

Your largest organ is not what you think it is.

What we see in the mirror

The epidermis of the skin is what we see every day when we look into the mirror. The outmost layer of the skin. It is mainly the one that serves as a barrier to infection and protects the body from all sorts of harmful substances. The texture of the epidermis varies in individuals. It is the body waterproof. Also, the epidermis contains no blood vessels.

Having had a brief understanding of your skin, it is important to use skincare products that contain harmless ingredients. For you to do this, it is essential to know especially those ingredients that pose a great danger to your skin.
One particular ingredient that poses such a great danger to your skin and should be avoided in your skincare daily routine, is very common in most lightening skincare products. Something that nearly every successful product in the Asian market contains. Skin bleaching hydroquinone. One of the skin brightening ingredients to engage with outmost caution.

And what about that Hydroquinone

Is it one of the harmful skin lightening ingredients?
Let’s see how it works. It acts as a lightening agent in skincare products. Hydroquinone bleaches the skin, thereby decreases the number of melanocytes present. Melanocytes on the other hand are responsible for the product of melanin, therefore for an even skin tone. When there is a decrease in melanocyte, the skin tends to thin and getting exposed to harmful substances.
The presence of hydroquinone in skincare products can cause an uptick in redness or dryness, especially in people with sensitive skin.

Dark-Mode and skin brightening ingredients

Indeed, it has also been linked to a condition called ochronosis. This is a skin discoloration that often occurs after prolonged use of hydroquinone. The skin color changes to bluish-black.
However, hydroquinone is as well used in the treatment of certain skin conditions like hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation occurs when there is excess melanin present as a result of an increase in the production of melanocyte. But – a dermatologist prescription is important here. And also quite helpful to know the amount to apply to the affected area and thus to prevent skin irritation.

Otherwise, better stay away from this way of brightening the skin. (Unless appearing in a bluish-black personal dark-mode is your thing.)
Instead, rather remain in shade more often or at least wear airy clothes that cover your skin.
Natives to the worlds ever expanding deserts do demonstrate it to us. They should know.