Beta-Carotene (INCI)



Beta-carotene is a red plant polyene pigment that is readily soluble in fats and oils. It is widely distributed in the plant and animal kingdom and is associated with alpha- and gamma-carotene. Oxygen and light cause beta-carotene to decompose easily with decolorization. Even in small amounts it shows significant vitamin A activity (provitamin A). The conversion in the organism takes place in the small intestine.


It plays an important role as an epithelial protective factor and means of increasing resistance to infection (wound healing). The observed wound healing or favorable influence of inflammatory skin by carotenes is probably via carotene peroxides or epoxides, which have an antiseptic effect. It is thought to counteract skin sagging and stimulate blood circulation in the skin. Since it is lipid soluble, it is easily absorbed by the skin. When food rich in beta-carotene (carrots) is administered internally, the skin turns a distinct color and shows a healthy appearance.

  • antiseptic
  • counteracts sagging skin
  • soothes inflamed skin
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • easily absorbed through the skin
  • improves wound healing


It has significant antioxidant properties (free radical scavengers), so it is often used in sunscreens and day care products.

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