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Welcome to our little help page! We hope that it summarizes the most important questions well. However, if any questions remain unanswered, just write to us.


Where does GBL ship?

GBL currently ships ALL YOU NEAT. to all member states of the European Union, some other European countries, USA, Canada and also to some Asian countries.
We are working on bringing ALL YOU NEAT. everywhere around the world. Send us an email to to let us know where you live!

Tell me about shipping.

We offer currently one shipping speed, the reliable standard shipping with DHL.

The standard shipping (7-12 business days) is for you indeed free.

When will my order ship?

Here’s how it works: you order, we process, then we ship.

Ordering takes a few seconds. Processing takes 1 to 2 business days (and orders placed after 1pm CET are processed the next business day). Then one of our carriers takes it from there. You’ll get a shipment notification email with a tracking number as soon as your package ships.

I’m having problems with the tracking.

Sorry about that! In a few cases, the carrier takes 1-2 business days to register your shipment status. If your tracking number isn’t updating or working at all, please reach out to us as soon as you can via We can give you the inside info.

How can I edit my shipping address?

If your order is shipping to an incorrect address, please email
You can always edit and add shipping addresses under your account – My Profile.

How can I change the country I am sending to?

To change the country you’re shipping to, just click the little world icon on the upper right corner of your screen and select the correct country. Right now, we only ship to the countries listed here (but more are coming soon).

Will my shipments be forwarded if I move?

DHL does provide a mail forwarding service, but we can only guarantee delivery to the shipping address we have on file. The reorder reminder email we send you before processing each reorder shipment displays the option to change your shipping address, but changes can be made at any time from your account page.


How can I find out more information about a product?

You can learn all about our products on their individual product pages. If you have any other questions or thoughts, let us know by emailing

What skin types is ALL YOU NEAT. suitable for?

Our product is appropriate for all skin types: they’re dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating and paraben free.

Will my product melt/dry/freeze/expire/etc.?

If the product is subjected to excessive heat or cold for short periods of time, it will not impact the product’s efficacy, though it may result in a thicker or thinner texture.

While the product doesn’t have a formal expiration date, it is generally recommended that it be used within 3 years of manufacture or 12 months after opening for best product quality…but we think you’ll love it so much that this won’t even be an issue. 😉

Do you test on animals?

No, we don’t! The GBL office often hosts animal visitors (a Labrador named Lotti and a Bologna Zwetna named Maggy), and we wouldn’t think of testing on them or any of their pals.

Besides buying refills or ordering the auto-replenishment – what else can I do to reduce waste?

Thank you for that great question. Lets answer it straight – send your empty refills back to us! We will care for their proper recycling. And we will thank you for helping us doing more in reducing waste that’s choking this our planet – with giving you 20% off of your next purchase with us.
And we will do that any time you return your empty cartridges to us.

1. You send your empty cartridges to us by mail. (Collect a few to save on cost for sending and reduce the carbon footprint further.) Using this address:
Wilhelm-Blos-Strasse 33
12623 Berlin, Germany

2. We do match your sender address and name with your user account. (Yes. In order to use that offer, you do need to have an account with us.)

3. We are going to send the 20% discount code with e-mail to you. (You’re free to use it for whatever you wish. Go crazy!)

Can I sell the products on my own site?

Unfortunately, your purchase of ALL YOU NEAT. products is only for your personal use. By purchasing ALL YOU NEAT. products, you agree not to resell or distribute such products for any commercial purposes. We may reject or cancel an order if we have reason to believe that your order is not for your personal use. If you are interested in collaborating, just drop us an e-mail on and we will most probably find a way to make you happy. Otherwise visit our affiliate area.


How can I redeem a gift card?

Lucky you 🙂 Just add the GIFT CARD code during the checkout process or in your bag.


Select “Reorder” when purchasing a refill cartridge, to have us automatically ship it to you.

Can I skip a shipment?

Yup. If you don’t need an upcoming shipment, you can change your ship date from your account page or you klick on the link in the reminder email that we send to you before every upcoming shipment.

Can I change the address of a particular shipment?

Yup. If you traveled for example and want us to ship the next refill cartridge to your current location, you can change your shipping address from your account page or you klick on the link in the reminder email, that we send to you few days before every upcoming shipment. Same if you forgot to bring your ALL YOU NEAT. along. We will happily helping you out. Please note, that the shipping time might differ from what you’re used to.

What if I run out of ALL YOU NEAT. before my next refill cartridge ships?

You can have your reorder ship sooner by changing your ship date from your account page.

How do I stop my reorder/ replenishment?

Go to your account page.
Choose stop reorder.
Don’t go!


What do you mean by money back guarantee?

We’re so sure you’ll love our awesome ALL YOU NEAT. skin care that we’ll refund you the purchase price in full if you don’t. We ask that you get in touch within 30 days of your purchase if there is anything you do not love unconditionally.

GERMANBEAUTYLAB GmbH & Co. KG / Wilhelm-Blos-Strasse 33 / 12623 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0) 15252 888 354 / E-Mail:

This voluntary guarantee exists independently of the legal right of withdrawal and has no influence on it.

How do I place a return or exchange?

We’re sorry you didn’t love your ALL YOU NEAT. Please reach out to with your order number and the products you’d like to exchange or return, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Help! I can’t find my return slip.

Don’t worry. ALL YOU NEAT. packages don’t include return slips. Just reach out to and we’ll help you place your return or exchange.

What’s your return policy?

All returns must be processed within 30 days of receiving the order. Order number must be provided to place a return. The shipping costs back to us for a return and full refund of purchase price are to be paid by you. We believe that’s just fair, as we were happily paying for your shipment when sending the shipment to you.

You will be refunded in full to your original form of payment. Please note, your duty charges (where applicable) are not refunded. Email us at and we’ll help you place the return.

This voluntary guarantee exists independently of the legal right of withdrawal and has no influence on it.

How long does it take to process a return?

Credit card refunds usually take 10-12 business days to appear on your statement.

What should I do if I receive the wrong product?

If you received a product different from the one that you ordered, sorry about that! Please contact us at and we’ll be sure to get you the product you ordered.


When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is accepted and processed.

Can I remove a saved payment method?

Of course! You can make this change on your account page. If you need help, email us at

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Alipay, WeChat Pay and debit cards. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or money orders. Occasionally we do accept vintage cars in exchange though. 😉

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes we do! For your convenience, we accept PayPal and all major credit and debit cards.

Having particular questions? Please write to

What can I do if my payment is declined?

Oh no! Here are a few things to check if your payment didn’t go through: Check that your card’s billing details (such as the security code and billing address) match what you’ve entered into our system.

Is your card expired?
Your card issuer may have declined your payment. They don’t tell us the reason for this, so it’s best to check with them before trying your card again. If none of these apply, please contact us at We’re happy to help!


How are GBL products different from other beauty brands?

Our products reflect our belief that beauty should be chic, fun, easy and personal. The ALL YOU NEAT. formula is designed to live with you, not on you, and enhance what you already have. ALL YOU NEAT. represents style, happiness and freedom, and is the result of years of recommendations from the coolest guys on the planet.

I have a weird question and I want to talk to a person about it.

We’ve got people who love that kind of thing. To ask anything and get a quick, personal reply, email us at Don’t worry—we check it constantly.


How can I update my order?

Please email us at as soon as possible if you would like to change (or even cancel) your order. Our fulfillment center processes orders quickly, but we’ll do our best to process your request to your satisfaction.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can view order status on your account page, which will be updated as soon as you are charged for your shipment and again once your order ships.

Can I use multiple promo codes at checkout?

You can use one promo code per order. If you were gifted several gift vouchers or if you’ve encountered two valid ALL YOU NEAT. promo codes during your travels through the internet, please choose the one you want to use more for every particular purchase.

Can I use a promo code on top of another promotion?

You can use a promo code along with free shipping. If other offers are advertised on the website without a code, they will be automatically applied and cannot be used along with a separate promo code. If your order qualifies for an advertised offer and you also enter a promo code, we’ll apply the better deal.


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