Ultimate Face Cream

1.0 fl.oz. | 30 ml

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The Best Face Cream for Men.
Clean Beauty. Made in Germany.
Result of 10 years of research in the field of skin regeneration.




Today and on every future shipment.


Here we have created, developed, produced and bottled the Ultimate Face Cream.


On dry skin too, naturally.


If you don’t love it, it’s on us.

    • Fast ‘n easy
      One cream is all you need. Eyes and face. Done in 30 seconds.

    • Deeply hydrating
      Light, refreshing skin care for men.

    • Protects
      Day and night.

    • Reduces
      Impression of wrinkles and fine lines.
      Oxidative stress of pollutants responsible for skin aging.

    • Repairs
      Calms redness and stressed skin. Supports cellular renewal.

    • For all skin types
      Ideal for combination to oily skin and blemish-prone skin.

    • Hypoallergenic
      Dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores).

    • Vegan & Cruelty Free
      It’s halal and kosher.

    • 100% free from
      Over 1500 harmful ingredients (and those that could be classified as harmful in the foreseeable future) including parabens, gluten, heavy metals, talc, GMOs, SLS, SLES, DEA, petrolatum/paraffin/mineral oil.

    • Ingredients
      Only sustainably-sourced, high potency botanicals are used to formulate products. Making it the tried and true skin care for men.

    • Refill
      When it’s empty, just refill. We reward you returning the empty cartridge with 20% off of your next purchase.

    • Recycle
      Housed in a reusable, recyclable bottle. Carton and insert are 100% recyclable.
      This is sustainability made in Germany.

  • The exclusively developed Fruitfusion®, a powerful synergy of plant and fruit extracts, acts here against free radicals and thus protects the skin. Nurtured skin retains its radiance, resilience and density.

    ALL YOU NEAT. is protecting your facial skin, which will in result remain youthful day and night. Day after day, the impression of wrinkles and fine lines is reduced by this Ultimate Face Cream for men.

    A skin care for men that literally takes only seconds. The skin is subsequently smoother and radiant again.

  • Apply the Ultimate Face Cream with fingertips on dry or moist skin of face and neck.
    Use it in the morning, the evening and whenever you feel like it.

  • Recycling:
    Your empty cartridge you can send back to us (for proper recycling). We thank you for your effort to reduce waste  – with giving you 20% off of your next purchase. (Read here how.)
    And we will do that any time you return your empty cartridges to us.

    And then get yourself quickly a new refill. Brimful with the best face cream, the rich anti-age skin care for men. Why not try a all-white style this time? Go for the white refill then.

  • ALL YOU NEAT. skin care for men is formulated with sustainably-sourced, high potency botanicals.


  • 64 reviews for Ultimate Face Cream

    1. EN

      Salman S.

      Meine Lieblingsfeuchtigkeitscreme – beruhigt meine Rötungen nach der nassen Rasur und glättet gleichzeitig die kleinen Falten am Auge. Möchte sie nicht mehr vermissen.

    2. EN

      Etta W.

      This ultimate cream refill is a Christmas present for my boyfriend. He loves the product and so I always have a good present for him. I only think it is a bit pricey. Otherwise I’m happy since he is happy.

    3. EN

      Johnny D.

      I received it as a gift myself once. Now it is my favorite gift for male friends. I love the idea taht you only have to buy refills.

    4. EN

      Damier F.

      The ordering process went quite smoothly, waited just 2 days. I can not yet tell some long-term effect, but the first impression is good. It smells really good. I think the idea of having only one product instead of several is great. That was enough of a reason for me to buy it.

    5. EN

      Marco R.

      Product works pretty well, does what I expect. But the price must be lower. Even for refil i’ve to splash out too much. Would buy more often then.

    6. EN

      Tyson T.

      Love this product 😉

    7. EN

      Rese L.

      Using since few years already. I’m a woman. Asian complexion. With pretty oily skin. Works just like a charm for me.

    8. EN

      Frank W.

      Have used my first bottle and am very satisfied. Prima cream for me. Smells pleasantly slightly fresh. Was also fast delivery. Gladly again.

    9. EN

      Thomas O.

      Using this cream as my go-to product since a year. It does what I’m expecting. Using it for all facial needs, including the use on my eyes – yes, on, and not just around it – and as well for after shaving. It’s just fine for me. Easy to carry too. Since I use it a lot, it could contain more product. It lasts for me only 4-5 weeks. Other than that, the all-in-one concept is giving me peace of mind. Ahh, ‘like that I can buy it as refill.

    10. EN

      Marcel R.


      Got Neat as a gift from my wife. I have a senible skin and am not a beauty specialist but from the result of Naet I am absolutely satisfied. Am a big fan of Naet and will certainly buy it again!

    11. EN

      Rudi T.


      I try the main care of Germanbeautylab now a few weeks and I can only say I am absolutely thrilled with it. My skin gets enough moisture and I only need this one cream! You have to try it! You will be thrilled, just like me! 5 stars well deserved!

    12. EN

      Margarete S.


      I would like to give a big thumbs up to All You Neat. facial care, given my professional training and experience in dealing with skin care. I have been using the Age Defense cream for a few months now and enjoy it on a daily basis. Even though I have used high quality products before, this cream makes a difference for me as a true all-rounder. The visibility of my expression lines around my mouth and eyes is seriously reduced, and the deep wrinkles between my eyes are less pronounced. Even the pore size of my facial skin appears reduced. The cream is super light and therefore ideal for me to refresh during the course of a hot summer day or when the air in the room is dry in winter. I always have the bottle in my purse and also use it as a base for my makeup. For me (with very sensitive skin) the optimal face care. And I should add – I am a woman. Who tested this cream from All You Neat with her husband for the first time. And who, by his own admission, is also very happy with it.

    13. EN

      Henry H.


      I don’t understand the women who always use 1000 creams and still look the same. NEAT is such a simple solution. My face feels great.

    14. EN

      Anna Michele

      Very good products indeed only one product for my face needed – gladly again

    15. EN

      Arno B.


      The site is set up very customer friendly, payment was easy, delivered very promptly. Recommended dealer.

    16. EN

      Matthias S.


      This cream is very high quality. After a few days my skin feels great. This is the only product I will use from now on.

    17. EN

      Peter H.


      I love this face cream. My skin looks much better and also looks healthier. Absolutely recommended!

    18. EN

      Lukas H.


      The product is really great, very efficient. I also find the price totally fair. Clear recommendation

    19. EN

      Frank D.

      Very good product. Loving that it is really packed with fruits and valuable natural oils. And I’m hooked since I noticed the ease of caring for my relatively problematic skin which is reacting pretty allergic to nearly everything. Here with that cream now the use is a no-brainer, morning, evening, even inbetween when feeling dry. Pls keep making it. Deducting 1* bc it could last longer, running out after 5-6 weeks already.

    20. EN

      Henrik L.


      I unfortunately have some problems with my skin and products from other manufacturers I have not tolerated so. I then came across this store and found the product and especially the ingredients very appealing and promising. Have therefore dared times and what ordered and am more than satisfied

    21. EN

      Francesco S.

      I would never have thought that I willingly spend so much money for a cream. Have since opened my 2nd bottle. The skin just feels good and I see a noticeable difference in freshness, especially with wrinkles on my forehead. In this case, I prefer to save on the cleanser because it does not linger on the skin and on eye cream, because the ultimate cream from Neat does the entire job for me.

    22. EN


      Was a gift that I bought for someone. Therefore I can’t say much, besides that it looks even better than in the pictures on the website. The color is indeed a bit darker, like real viper green, and appearing like a car’s paint job. Make sure you get it with a white refill. Looks much better than with the grey.

    23. EN

      Manuel M.

      I personally am very happy with this cream. And therefore I buy them again and again. Mostly as a refill. It saves some on the price and reduces trash. I like that idea of paying attention to that too. Today though I’ve got the original cream once more. Bought as a present. Converting a new fan for you. 😉

    24. EN

      Jurgen M.

      Perfect product and the client service is 6 stars.

    25. EN

      Tuan N.


      The cream I have now ordered the second time out of conviction and is now my constant companion.
      I myself have combination skin and suffered from mild acne, for which reason I always choose the products very consciously. All the more I was and still am surprised about the cream that it is so effective.
      The cream smells good, usually moisturizes enough for the day, absorbs quickly and does not clog pores.
      What must be noted as a side note, the manufacturers have put a lot of attention to detail in the design of the packaging and the cream tube to produce sustainably.
      All around a very good product, I can only recommend, also suitable for the woman.

    26. EN

      Anton L.


      ALL YOU NEAT lives up to its name. Since I use this cream my skin looks healthy and that without using other products in addition. My morning routine has shortened considerably and I am absolutely satisfied with the product!

    27. EN

      Björn Y.


      Top product, have received it as a gift and am thrilled. Very high quality packaging and bottle, the cream is super, I use very much.

    28. EN

      Franz H.


      Very good cream have already ordered the second bottle and recommend it very gladly.

    29. EN

      Cedric L.


      A very good product. You notice the difference already after a few applications. I very gladly give the five stars.

    30. EN

      Mr. Ace

    31. EN

      Duy K.


      The product helps my skin not to be dry and not to get acne anymore.
      vote 5 star

    32. EN

      Eric S.


      Had such a great experience with German Beauty Lab today. They have the exact right products for my sensitive skin. They were really amazing and Neat has become part of my daily routine.

    33. EN

      Mark K.


      I wanted to test the whole thing actually only times because my wife wanted me to but I must say that I have now become so accustomed to it that I will also definitely buy a refill bottle. My skin feels, since I use Neat, just better – more well-groomed and healthier. So I’m really very happy with it.

    34. EN

      Wolfram H.


      High quality and that begins with the processing of the bottle. The cream itself feels good and my face accordingly after use.

    35. EN

      Elias S.


      The best cream in the market. affordable, it works and their customer service is as good as their product.

    36. EN

      Marie H.


      I want to make a stand for this cream – was a gift for my boyfriend and he is super happy with it. His skin as well. The effect is clearly visible to me, his skin looks fresh and well-groomed without shining. I am also happy – Since then he leaves my cosmetics in peace.

    37. EN

      Marco W.


      I now see a real difference in my skin appearance, but I am already on my third bottle. It would be more correct to say that others notice my clearer skin with smaller pores and talk to me about it. It was especially noticeable on fine lines- my forehead and the corners of my eyes are noticeably smoother, which I can only attribute to the consistent use of this face cream. However, sometimes I have very dry skin after prolonged exposure to the sun in winter, combined with the dry heating air in the house. In this case, I supplemented with a thicker night cream every now and then during the fading winter months. Otherwise, this NEAT face cream saves me so much time as it is just one more step in my morning and evening routine after cleansing. Wouldn’t want to be without it anymore. Recommend it without hesitation.

    38. EN

      Manfred K.


      I really enjoyed the product as I spend a lot of time outdoors. The product is easy to apply and smells good.

    39. EN

      Erika S.


      I heard that GERMANBEAUTYLABs has developed a super product for men, which is probably suitable for every skin care type. I ordered my brother the limited edition for his birthday, the packaging was really great and the product really first class. I can only highly recommend Neat to men who plan to resume their skincare 🙂.

    40. EN

      Rudolf V.


      Love this product! I got the Neat from my partner and have used it! Highly recommended!

    41. EN


      Thank you for making such high quality and potential products. NEAT has been helping me much through this pandemic time.
      Best wishes for your company and your products!

    42. EN

      Elmar K.


      Very tasteful packaging. Fits very well in my man bag and feels high quality. The cream is great, the five stars are fully deserved.

    43. EN

      Matthias D.


      I was skeptical about the need for men’s cosmetics (as an officer in the field????). Exercises and dark circles have always been a solid symbiosis. Cold or hot dust so far always a slap for’s face. With NEAT no more problem. 20 seconds in the morning and I feel fresh, even in the mirror. Super product. Unfortunately a bit expensive. Therefore, one star deduction.

    44. EN

      Ronald O.


      Just great and also practical to transport. Just feels good on the skin.

    45. EN

      Karola B.


      I bought the cream ALL YOU NEAT and am fully convinced. It is not a clog like other creams but perfect for the pocket and besides, it is the only cream I use.

    46. EN

      T Pham

      I love Neat! ❤️ Good Product not for only Man. I am a woman i am using Neat. It really help my skin look very fresh and healthy. Thank you Germanbeautylap! 🙏❤️

    47. EN

      Wilhelm B.


      Until now I was never the type who used care products, however, my wife bought me the Neat Crem and since I use this my skin really feels better and more cared for. I can only recommend that once to test, I am in any case convinced of the effectiveness.

    48. EN

      Kevin K.


      This is really a great product, a quick facial care and uncomplicated application. Really a great choice that have made for my skin.

    49. EN

      Julia B.


      …times an assessment from the point of view of a woman ;). Is a great product for the man, it’s about time. But women can also use this in the winter without any problems. Has a light texture that is not greasy. I can only recommend.

    50. EN

      Felix L.


      The first thing I noticed after applying the cream was a light aroma of lemon. I find that already super! It smells refreshing and fresh.

      Otherwise, I noticed after the first application on the face, still no special effects. A change I noticed only after a few days and repeated use.
      I am now at an age where the wrinkles but gain the upper hand. But with this cream they were stopped. Who knows what it will look like when I use it for several weeks?

      This cream makes my skin feel healthier and I radiate that with more confidence. I will continue to use it and look forward to experiencing more effects of the cream 🙂 .

    51. EN

      Alessa M.


      I am not a man but I find that anyone can use the cream! It is very good for sensitive skin and an efficient, quick face care. It also absorbs quickly, which I find great because I do not like the feeling of greasy skin.

    52. EN



      I’m absolutely no beauty specialist, have a pretty sensitive skin and do not really like cream itself. But with this cream it is something else, it is different from the others I use so far: it absorbs really quickly, it smells subtle and pleasantly fresh, is easy to dose (you need only one, two fingertips) and it remains a pleasant, fresh sensation on the skin. I am impressed! It’s a great size for any luggage; just looks stylish and striking.

      I will buy it again, for myself as my own gift 😉

    53. EN

      Denis B.


      Hello dear team,

      I was allowed to test the cream and must say that I am very satisfied. The cream cares for my skin very well. It is very dry, especially in winter. The cream is not greasy and is ideal for a quick facial care. The scent is very pleasant and is easy to apply and rub on the skin.

      I can simply recommend the cream and look forward to more product variations in the future.

      Kind regards

    54. EN

      Mike F.


      Am super satisfied with the service and fast delivery.
      My first order went flawlessly and will definitely not be the last.
      The same applies to the products, great price performance and keeps what it promises and then still the transportable aluminum packaging really thought out.

    55. EN



      I bought it as a gift. Had been looking for something that is easy to use. Since my husband so far every now and then (randomly) my cosmetics mitbenutzte 😉 Meanwhile, he swears by the Neat. Always drags it with him. Before the renewed travel ban. 🙁 The 5 stars I would have given if the price (even for such a cool gift) would be lower.

    56. EN

      Jürgen S.


      For years I had the painful experience that the dry air in the office, but also the sun on the beach or the wind in the mountains irritate the eyelids of my eyes and cause their inflammation. Various ophthalmologists have tried to treat this with different approaches, but in vain.
      But since I have repeatedly applied NEAT to my face and eyelids in the morning and evening, something unexpected happened. These inflammations decreased noticeably and have not reappeared since then. Of course, I am thrilled with this. And I would like to let you know about it.

    57. EN

      Jana Z.


      Because of only for men😂😂😂
      I really do not tolerate many creams but this is really mega!!!

    58. EN

      Corinna H.

      Almost every face moisturizer I’ve tried before either smelled too strong, was too greasy, or left my face really shiny. Finally this is a product that is none of the above; it has a fresh, very-light smell, it isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly, and it leaves a matte finish so you don’t look plastic 👍

    59. EN

      Jamie Z.

      Nice 👍

    60. EN

      Maik G.


      Outstanding! Have tried a lot and NEAT is definitely in the high-class league. Absorbs quickly, very pleasant scent, economical in use. Will definitely buy again. It would be interesting if there is a subscription to the product. So that I can order it to me at regular intervals, without always having to remember to order it in time.

      Oh yes … completely without animal testing and vegan. TOP!

    61. EN



      Find NEAT pretty nice. Especially that it is vegan. The price is quite juicy, but worth it. Especially when I look like my father in the morning. It pulls the wrinkles from the face and makes a really freshes Aussehens, as if you were on vacation. Runs with me 👍

    62. EN

      Florentine M.


      I am super happy with Neat! Use it every morning after getting up. It refreshes, absorbs quickly and has improved my complexion within a few days. On the packaging it says ‘not for women’ but I have not been deterred. Great product also for woman 😉
      Would not want to miss it more!

    63. EN

      Tina H.


      Great service, friendly and competent. The cream is, if I look at my friend now, super. I have also tried them times, feels very good on the skin.

    64. EN

      Norman H.


      My first serving of Neat was a gift. The packaging and the stylish dispenser alone have pleased me very much. Finally ne care lotion that not only smells great, but also feels great on the skin. I think you have a new fan.

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