Our ethos is mostly about how we aspire to behave.

By definition, we will fail to live up to these ideas in many cases.

But just like we are trying to figure out what makes you tick,
we thought it was important to show the same to you.

The Ultimate face care set.
You shop, we donate. Ethos.

“You Shop. We Donate.”

Now your purchase does more. We will donate 5% of your order value.

Shop With Impact

Our team is committed to supporting those in need
and funding causes working toward positive change.
Now we invite you to help us allocate donations every time you shop.

Since more than a decade our entire team is running environmental
and educational projects in East and West Africa.
Click the link below to read about our current focus:

Project Lighthouse Africa e.V., a German non governmental organisation, is addressing the missing link in conflict dynamics across the African Sahel – Communication. It is countering with Narrative Management for Peace through Dialogue

“Sustainability and Clean Science Belong Together.”

From clean ingredients to responsibly sourced materials, our practice is guided by a set of green values and driven by over decades of scientific research, resulting in our clean formulations and efficacious products.

Clean science & responsibly sourced ingredients

The Ultimate Face Cream contains the highest quality ingredients – sustainably sourced, high potency botanicals and clean actives – to complement our proprietary complex, the Fruitfusion® complex.

ALL YOU NEAT. products are 100% free of parabens, fragrance, SLS, SLES, and DEA, heavy metals, talc, petrolatum/paraffin/mineral oil, and do not contain unnecessary preservatives, solvents, and emulsifiers.

Ingredients are sustainably sourced.
Clean, bio-engineered actives are used where possible to reduce environmental impact.

Reuse & Recycle

Reuse & Recycle with ALL YOU NEAT.

The packaging of Ultimate Face Cream is refillable. The aluminum container remains, only the cartridge will be replaced. Your empty cartridge you can send back to us (for proper recycling). We thank you for your effort to reduce waste – with giving you 20% off of your next purchase. (Read here how.)
And we will do that any time you return your empty cartridges to us.

An estimated 90% of our primary and secondary containers are fully recyclable.

We continue to move toward more sustainable materials such as ECOCERT/COSMOS certified materials, and transitioning all packaging to being post-consumer recycled.

“Everything your body needs, it already knows.”

No need for myths or miracles

Every single one of us is made up of trillions of cells working in unison, orchestrated by a genetic code driving every instinct, thought, feeling… and the incredible, innate capacity to heal.

From skincare to clinical practice to biotech research, all our advances are grounded in a belief that the body is its own best therapist.

Our most remarkable machine

For every giant leap in technology, the human body remains our most remarkable machine.
This belief has led our team to develop the one cream for all.
Ethnicities, environments and skin types.

It activates and orchestrates the body’s own stem cells to repair and regenerate.

The wisdom of the body

Beyond surface appearances, beauty lies in the biological wonders we live every day.

Our innovative skin care, powered by Fruitfusion®, works with your body’s natural wisdom, supporting and creating an optimal environment for your body’s innate processes of renewal.