Glycerol (INCI)



Glycerin/Glycerol is a natural component of the skin, a trivalent alcohol and a clear, highly viscous, odorless liquid. It is obtained by different methods and can be of synthetic, animal or plant origin.

  • Plant origin: Mostly produced as a by-product in the production of biodiesel
  • it is of animal origin if it is obtained from animal fats
  • conventionally, it is produced synthetically and is based on petroleum
  • Organic glycerin is obtained from plants – this variant is considered particularly skin-friendly, but it should be borne in mind that organic glycerin is often based on palm oil.

Moreover, it is used not only in cosmetics, but also in numerous other products.


It helps to transport moisture into the skin and bind it there. In most cosmetic products, a maximum concentration of 10% is used, because at a concentration of about 30%, the effect is reversed and moisture is removed from the skin.

  • maintains the moisture of the skin
  • skin caring
  • skin protective
  • denaturing (makes undrinkable)
  • viscosity regulating


It is mainly used in lotions, creams, make-up, after-sun preparations and other skin care products, as well as shampoos.

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