Hamamelis Virginiana Extract (INCI)



Witch hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) is a small tree, about 4 m high, originally from North America (Virginia) and now also cultivated in Europe and East Asia. Its oval leaves, collected in autumn, resemble those of the hazel bush, which is why the witch hazel tree is sometimes called witch hazel. It blooms only in autumn, after the leaves have fallen.

Active ingredients of Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

Hamamelitannin, Hamamelose
Acids: gallic, chinic, sciminic, ellagic acid
Flavonoids: kaempferol. quercetin, myrcetin, cyanidin chloride, delphenidin chloride, leucocyanidin, leucodelphidin, astragalin, afzelin, isoquercetrin, rutin
In the essential oil of the leaves: carvacrol, eugenol

Effect of Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

Extracts have a strong astringent effect due to the tannin content. This astringent effect is due to the interaction of tannin with the collagen fibers of the skin. By forming a coagulation membrane in the upper layers of the connective tissue, tannins have an irritation-relieving, weak local anesthetic, anti-secretion, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and drying effect.

  • firming effect
  • local anesthetic
  • anti-irritant
  • anti-inflammatory
  • bactericidal


In pharmacy, this drug in the form of the extract is used for external wounds, burns and inflammation of the mouth and throat. In cosmetics, the astringent, anti-irritant, weak anti-inflammatory effect is in the foreground.

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