Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract (INCI)



Melissa (Melissa Officinalis) has been valued as a medicinal and spice plant for more than 2000 years. It was originally native to the eastern Mediterranean and western Asia and is now cultivated in Europe.

Active ingredients of Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract

Citral, citronellal, geraniol, linalool, citronellol, neral, geranial, beta-carophyllin, geranyl acetate, geraniol, nerol, rosmarinic acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, protecatechuic acid, cryptochlorogenic acid, neochtorogenic acid, glycolically bound derivatives of caffeic acid, ursolic acid, triterpenes of the lupane, oleanol and ursane type.


Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extracts of lemon balm show sedative effects. An inhibitory effect of the oil on 36 of 43 investigated bacterial strains could be demonstrated. The tannins develop a bacteriostatic effect. An effect on herpes simplex has been demonstrated. Rosmarinic acid exerts antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

  • soothing
  • invigorating
  • bacteria inhibiting
  • skin caring


Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extracts are therefore particularly suitable for the care of oily and sensitive skin.

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