Nasturtium Officinale Extract (INCI)



The watercress (nasturtium officinale) can be found all over the world. The herb is mainly collected from the wild occurrences. The drug is grown only on small areas because of the high manual effort.

Active ingredients of Nasturtium Officinale Extract

Mustard oil glycosides, e.g. gluconasturtiin, vitamin C, essential oils

Effect of Nasturtium Officinale Extract

The mustard oil glycosides of watercress have antimicrobial properties. The diuretic effect frequently mentioned in the literature is not proven. It is probably derived from the local irritant effect of the mustard oils, some of which are excreted via the kidney.
An extract from the drug exhibited an antitumor effect in combination with zinc sulfate and glycerol.

  • antimicrobial
  • has an anti-tumor effect in certain combinations


For external use, the antimicrobial properties for the care of impure, oily skin, as well as for oily hair are in the foreground. The vitamin C content causes a slight bleaching effect for the treatment of skin spots and freckles.

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