Viscum Album Extract (INCI)



Mistletoe (Viscum Album) grows primarily on deciduous trees as a semi-parasite. Apart from Europe, it is found mainly in Africa and Asia. It is an evergreen shrub and holds on with its roots in the wood of the host plant. As a drug, all parts of the plant are collected.

Active ingredients of Viscum Album Extract

Viscotoxins (higher molecular weight polypeptides), lectins (glycoproteins with specific binding capacity for certain sugars), viscum proteins, polysaccharides, flavonoids, biogenic amines, phenolic carboxylic acids, lignans, phytosterols.

Effect of Viscum Album Extract

Tea infusions of the herb are used for high blood pressure, joint problems, heart problems. Mistletoe preparations accompany cancer therapy. The use of viscum album extracts has been found to lower blood pressure, which is attributed to the biogenic amines they contain. There are numerous scientific papers and extensive documentation material on the use of mistletoe in cancer therapy. However, a direct cytotoxic effect of the ingredients is not considered proven. Currently, mistletoe lectins are believed to have an immunostimulatory effect. These substances stimulate the self-healing powers in the organism.

  • skin caring
  • soothing


Mistletoe preparations are used for non-specific stimulation therapy in the treatment of skin diseases and itchy dermatoses or skin inflammations. They have a skin-strengthening effect.

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