Guaiazulene (INCI)



It is a blue bicyclic hydrocarbon that belongs to the azulene group, a class of natural products common in nature. The names used are: 1,4-dimethyl-7-lsopropylazulene, S-guaiazulene.
Chamazulene, which occurs in chamomile (see there), and guaiazulene, which is obtained from the wood oil of the guaiac tree, have the same properties, but preference is given to guaiazulene because it is easier to obtain.


It exhibits strong anti-inflammatory properties and is used topically (topical, external) to treat skin irritations, wounds, burns, UV and X-ray damage, eczema, etc.

  • antimicrobial


In cosmetics, it is used for its anti-inflammatory, mucosa decongestant and tissue regenerative properties.

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