Retinol Burn – Claim Game of a Beauty Ingredient

Retinol Burn

Retinol Burn Versus Retinol Benefits
Every day there is a new beauty ingredient that floods the market and grabs the attention of consumers. Yes, most people are careful and conscious about what they are applying on their skin through a certain beauty product. They care if it’s good or bad for their skin. But, here we are about to ask you that, what if an ingredient can improve the elasticity of your aging skin but at the same time it is also affecting your skin… Are you going to use any product consisting of that ingredient?

Well, how’d you know if retinol was good or bad for your very own skin? What about retinol burn? Let us have a peak under the blanket.

All that Glitters is not Gold

Obviously, it does not have a glittering effect but you may have thought about it as gold. Why? Because it can improve pigmentation marks on your skin and is ideal for some other skin aging issues.
According to Loreal Paris, Retinol is trending on number 4 because of its anti-aging benefits. It can stimulate your skin’s collagen and also improves fine lines and wrinkles. Creams, serums and moisturizers are some of the beauty products consisting of Retinol.

But as with some flowers, there are also thorns and same is the case with Retinol. Even though Retinol can provide a glowing effect to your skin, you still have to expect several side effects. Like with other hypes created, the side effects are so far pretty well hidden under the noise made.

Retinol. It Can Be Good And Bad - Risk Of Pimples And Retinol Burn

Risky Retinol Burns

Well, what is retinol burn and why does retinol burn?
In purely theoretical terms, retinol accelerates the cell metabolism of your skin. The increased cell turnover temporarily exfoliates more dead skin cells. This creates a period of time before new, healthy cells come to the surface of your skin.

Your new skin is exposed before it’s ready, and redness, discoloration and irritation are the result. This is what happens when your face can’t handle the powerful ingredient and turns into a flaky, peeling, red mess.

And, risky may sound a rude word for a well-known ingredient like Retinol, but here are the reasons why we are not wrong:

Retinol and Redness

Retinol can cause severe redness on your skin. Especially when you use a retinol cream right after taking a shower. This redness is accompanied by a feeling of hotness that might cause instant pain. Hence we hear people mentioning about retinol burns.

Retinol and Skin Peeling

Even if the skin aging issues can be sorted out with the help of retinol beauty products, but what if your skin cells are affected? What if your skin starts peeling off?

It is a harsh truth that Retinol can increase the turnover of your skin cells. And in this way, dying cells start flaking. Again, it is what people mean if they speak of retinol burns.

Retinol and Pimples

The retinol beauty products also claim that they cure pimples. But the actual picture is a bit different. You are even more likely to face those pimples if you will use retinol beauty products. That is especially true when you already got acne issues.

Because sebum increases as soon as the skin cell turnover happens. Which again causes more pimples to take place on your very own face. Sounds fun.

I hope you got my point.

Many beauty products appeal to us in our daily life. But purchasing the products sensibly after looking right through the marketing noise is the utmost important thing to do. Instead of getting charmed by the beauty products which consist of Retinol, you must be aware of implications to some of its claims.

Because at the end of the day, anything affecting your skin is affecting your health. And your health is your very own wealth.

How do I avoid retinol burn?

Such a short and clear question deserves an equally clear answer from us. Use existing active ingredient alternatives! Look for products on the market whose ingredients are more compatible. A good example is GERMANBEAUTYLAB’s refillable ultimate face cream loaded with fruit extracts. Designed to combine serum, moisturizer and eye cream in one product, it is actually an ultimate alternative to possible retinol burn.

You like to get more into details on the topic of retinol burn on face?
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