Menthyl Lactate (INCI)



Menthyl lactate is a menthol derivative that has strong cooling properties and no irritating, intrusive menthol-like odor. It is formed from a combination of menthol and lactic acid. It is produced in two different forms, one as a crystalline white powder and in a molten material, with a slightly minty flavor. It is a milder form of menthol.


It has a long-lasting and pleasant cooling effect. In certain preparations, there may be many ingredients with different scents and these may produce a final product with an unintended odor, so menthyl lactate can be used in this case to mask the original taste or scent and achieve the uniform effect.

  • refreshing
  • perfuming


Cooling facial tonics and lotions, in powders, toothpaste, chewing gum and other oral care products.

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